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I just found this review on Goodreads and I had to share it.

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The Dead Game
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message 1: by Trista (new) – rated it 4 stars
Jan 03, 2016 09:00AM
This book introduces you to the small town of Oasis where there are missing people and unexplained murders. Why anyone would want to move there to begin with, or why anyone stays once they discover the creepy happenings that go on. I would freak out and move out of there so fast!
Linda and her group of friends get invited to this party at End house which most of them are not thrilled about. Linda flat out doesn’t want to go and neither does David. The one thing I will say about this is I am not sure why they did end up going. I was mildly perplexed for a second when Linda doesn’t have any desire to go and then she is talking about going. Since this is a supernatural book, I am willing to give credit to the supernatural forces that made her go.
After the tragedy that is this party, Linda finds herself getting closer and closer to Todd…the town hottie. He is also a very suspicious man who is always willing to inform the sheriff for people and then tell them not to say anything to anybody.
Linda is not satisfied and begins her own investigation with the help of one of her friends to get to the bottom of what is going on in town. During this investigation, they will face dangerous situations and dangerous beings.
The story line was fast paced and well written. My only comment is towards the end, there seemed to be quite a bit crammed in. It was all good twists and events but it was one of those where you think the big conflict has ended but then something else comes up and that took place a couple of times. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the twists that were thrown in there because of this and thought the addition was creative and intriguing.
The characters are well designed and I am rooting for Linda and Todd. There is just way too much tension there! This book is full of surprises and the author’s creativity is quite unique. It is creepy and will definitely get you thinking about disturbing shadows while you read it in the dark. I much enjoyed reading this story and am looking forward to checking out the second one! 

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