Thursday, January 7, 2016


doorway in forest

He’s back.
How could this be so?
My life has been happy.
I should have known.
He will never rest easy.
Without me to torment.
Without me in his arms.
A door is opening for me.
Deep in the dark forest.
He’s tempting me with sunshine.
Sunlight on warm beaches.
His hand is reaching for me.
I must turn away.
And run from his sweet words.
His spirit is all around me.
Enveloping me in its coldness.
He whispers promises in my ear.
He will come for me tonight.
I won’t recognize his body.
He’s coming in a different package.
He’s replaced one of our own.
But I will be prepared and ready.
I will not be fooled again.
The Dead won’t win.
Can’t win.

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