Thursday, April 28, 2016


  1. A beautiful fall day.
    A path through the red.
    Charcoal steps leading up.
    An adventure for me.
    Until the day turns dark.
    The leaves lift off. 
    Creating a red swirl.
    Around me in its haste.
    The wind cackles.
    The rain trickles.
    Night has come.
    The path is gone.
    And so is the day.

  2. Source:

    I look out at the sea so pure.
    A vision of delight and more.
    Setting sun is coming down.
    But there’s no reason to frown.
    I could see the ocean floor.
    Look at me I’m out the door.
    The sun may be gone for the day.
    The moon will soon be here to play.

  3. A fantasy come to life.
    Waves of purple and pink.
    Carpeting of green.
    Fragrance of heaven.
    A bench for dreaming.
    The fantasy has come to me.

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