Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Still Life with a Parrot Tulip, a Pink Rose, a Mouse, a Lizard and a Bee Jean-Baptiste Fornenburgh – circa 1621-1648

An unusual picture with odd objects.
Placed in weird relation to each other.
Why these objects?
Does it have anything to do 
with the spider’s web in the distance?
The web could be waiting
for the bee and the butterfly.
The flowers could have been placed on the table
to lure them closer to the web.
Then what about the mouse and lizard?
Why are they even in the picture?
The mouse could have been hungry and
jumped onto the table for food.
The lizard could have strolled into the scene.
By accident.
But there can be no accident.
The artist placed them together for a reason.
I can’t figure out why.

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