Thursday, May 5, 2016


“Is this house for the surprise party?
It doesn’t look as bad as people say.
Have people disappeared from here?
Tourists and residents don’t just vanish.
What about the family who lived here?
They disappeared five years ago.
No trace of them left behind.
Only the old house with its sagging windows.
Looks kind of run-down for a mansion.
We must check out the pools.
One inside and one in the backyard.
We might find some bodies floating in them.
I’m only kidding.
Hey, where did everyone go?
We are invited to a surprise party.
And I’m going inside.
Look, the door is opening for us.
The lights have shut off.
It’s sure dark inside.
Wait for me, guys.
I’m not going into End House alone.”

Would this have been the better option for Linda?
She could have left before it was too late.
But she didn’t.
See what happens next in

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