Saturday, May 14, 2016


End House sits at the edge of a cliff,
overlooking the raging waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
A party is being given on Friday the 13th.
Black invitations have been sent out.
Guests are arriving to meet the unknown host.
Past owners have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
Linda and her friends have been hesitant to attend.
But their curiosity has brought them here this night.
No one greets them at the front door.
Gargoyles grin from their positions on the staircase.
All is dark except for the lit sconces and candles.
The flickering sconces reveal a hallway to the right.
Candles along the banister show the way up.
Should they stay or leave before it’s too late?
Should they check the outdoor pool
or the lavish pool upstairs?
It makes no difference.
Their path has been pre-determined.
This path leads in only direction.
To death.

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