Monday, July 4, 2016


Linda was hanging over the pool filled with alligators. Todd was faced with Maxell, a new creature intent on killing him and his friends. Todd wasn’t going to allow Maxell to kill his beloved, Linda.    
      Maxell spun around and gawked at Wolf. “How could you possibly be alive? You died in the alligator pool.”
     “Who told you that, your grandmother? Do you believe your grandmother or your own father?”
     “Are you trying to tell me that you’re my father? My father died when I was born,” Maxell said.
     “No, I didn’t. I left your mother. She made up the whole story to hide the truth.”
     “Prove it.”
     Wolf hesitated for a brief moment and then said, “Your mother has always been extremely organized and kept very strict schedules. She was dreadfully difficult to live with.”
     “Yes. She was too strict. She never let me be me. I wanted to be free from her.”
     “Be free now. Come with me. We could go away together and start a new life,” Wolf said, walking closer to her.
     Maxell began to walk toward Wolf. Then Wolf disappeared, leaving Maxell standing alone in the middle of the alligator pool. She fell to her death, looking up at Todd, who smiled down at her.
     Reece opened the glass dome right before she hit the water. She sizzled and burned from the dazzling sunlight—all the while knowing that she’d been tricked by an apparition created by a weak and spineless human vampire.
     “Stupid, stupid vampire,” Mike said, shaking his head.

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