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A touch of passion
12 best-selling authors in one boxed set. Passion, romance, adventure, and so much more.

Uvi Poznansky
Announcing a new boxed set:
A Touch of Passion
Lately, despite being an intensely private person, I have found myself increasingly engaged with readers and listeners. Why? because of my characters. Having sprung from my mind onto the page, they might shrivel and die there, pressed between the front and back covers–unless I make it possible for them to spring from the page to your mind.
I thrive on reaching out to my audience. Every day I discover new ways to create this connection and strengthen it. By far the best way is forging alliances with other authors, whose work is of outstanding quality and whose audience appreciates creativity.
To this end I review fellow authors on my blog, which is my way of recognizing their talent. I organize author events on Facebook to showcase our work. I read a lot of novels, note their reviews, and actively seek out book recommendations, all of which allows me to choose the best and the brightest authors, with whom I can forge alliances.
At the beginning of January, we created a new boxed set, containing 12 full-length romance novels. Celebrating excellence in writing, this collection invites you to explore the many flavors of romance. It is titled A Touch of Passion.
Imagine it as an assortment of chocolates. Relish the work of the author you enjoy, and then taste new, unfamiliar flavors. The more you take in, the more you’ll feel the awakening of your senses as well as your appetite.
Lose yourself in a touch of passion. Whether it’s the beauty in a song or the magic of a kiss, the agony of heartbreak or the hunger of yearning, explore ecstasy and desire in these captivating full-length novels. Written by twelve bestselling, multiple award-winning, USA Today and NY Times authors, this boxed set has it all: Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance, Romantic Suspense, Victorian Romance, Western and Literary Fiction. These sensual tales of love will leave you with a smile on your lips and music in your heart.
The Music of Us by Uvi Poznansky (Bestselling Author)
Love Me Tender by Mimi Barbour (NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author) 
Just in Case by Elizabeth Marx (Bestselling Author) 
That Unforgettable Kiss by Tamara Ferguson (Top-10 Bestselling Author, Romance Reviews Readers’ Choice Award Winner-New Adult) 
Concealed in My Heart by Regina Puckett (Bestselling Author, Readers’ Favorite Book Award Winner) 
The Belle and the Officer by B. J. Robinson (Top-100 Bestselling Author) 
Seduction by Laura Taylor (Bestselling Author, 6-Time Romantic Times Award Winner, RWA RITA Finalist, and 2-Time MAGGIE Award Winner) 
Perfect for Him by Suzanne Jenkins (Bestselling Author) 
Nellie by Cynthia Woolf (Bestselling Author) 
Jack Who? by Lisa Gillis (Bestselling Author) 
Ambrosia by the Sea by Traci Hall (USA Today Bestselling Author) 
The Single Daddy Club: Derrick by Donna Fasano (USA Today Bestselling Author) 
Love Romance? Get this amazing collection
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