Wednesday, December 16, 2015



Time for us to explore.
Time to find out what is hidden inside.
The Watchers are vampires 
And so might be the residents of this mansion.

Linda's thoughts run wild in her head.
Too many players, too many suspects,
To help them solve the mystery.
A mystery that could easily end their existence. 

A tall man approaches us,
Flanked by two Dobermans.
His black eyes watch us closely,
Forcing me to turn my gaze away.

Shana looks as troubled as I am.
Maybe she'll give up on her silly idea,
And we could leave this creepy place.
I don't want to pursue any vampires.

The man offers to give us a tour of his house.
Shana is excited as she accepts his offer.
I stand back, not eager to enter this place.
I turn to leave, but Shana takes my hand.

"Please, Linda, let's go inside.
I want to find out who lives here."
A smile covers Shana's face, 
A sweet smile created just for me.

The man walks toward the front door
Through the fallen leaves and flying dust balls.
Only weeds grow in the yard.
The man doesn't seem to care.

Shana pulls Linda through the front doorway.
A marble foyer greets them
With a high-domed ceiling and crystal sconces.
A drastic change from the gloominess outside.

Beautifully furnished bedrooms.
A library larger than any other.
Priceless masterpieces showcased throughout. 
It doesn't feel real to Linda but a dream.

Time to leave this house of contradictions,
Balancing the fine line between the living and the dead.
The caretaker watches us from the front door
As we walk through the decrepit garden,
Happy to be back with the living.

"Linda, the caretaker has to be a vampire.
No one can live all by themselves in such a big house.
No servants, no food, only books.
The Watchers must be watching him!"

"That must be it.
A Watcher is always sitting in that rocking chair,
Keeping an eye on the mansion.
If the Watchers are good, then the caretaker must be bad."

"Linda, you don't know that.
The Watchers could be bad, 
Making the caretaker the good one.
There's no rule book to explain this new game."

"We shouldn't trust any of them.
We need more information.
We need help.
I'm done doing this alone anymore."

"Linda, do you want to involve Todd and the Sheriff?
I thought you didn't trust them.
We've been going in circles,
Not coming up with any answers."

"I trust Todd and Sam much more than
The older residents, The Watchers, or that caretaker.
We must come up with a plan,
A good one this time.

"We have our work cut out for us.
And Shana, no more fancy plans.
We plan smart and go in together this time.
This must end once and for all."




Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Brutal winds follow close on my heels,
Thunder and lightning joining the crusade.
Fluorescent lights paint the night sky,
Rings of orange, yellow, and red. 

A vortex of horror in unending circles,
Making its way to the small town of Oasis,
Where I will be waiting with sword in hand,
Secure in the knowledge that Wolf won't win. 

The Watchers have joined the battle.
I can see them on the hill beyond.
Their raincoats flapping in the wind,
Concealing their hidden weapons.

We will protect Linda from the devil,
All standing strong in the fighting winds.
The Father clutches his bible of spells
To help cast the evil from our town.

Humans, vampires, and human vampires.
We have come together as one.
The last battle on this earthly planet
That will determine the fate of us all.

Linda holds on to her friends,
Huddled together in the raging winds.
Will she choose wisely and correctly?
Will she choose me above The Dead?

The time has come for the showdown.
Time has slowed to a halt.
We raise our weapons above our heads,
Waiting for evil to make its final appearance.

Wolf seems to have been given a new body.
I still recognize his deadly soul.
A new package for an old one
Does not change the battle to be won.

Our games have just begun.



My passions run deep.
My hatred grows strong.
My revenge lasts forever.

Don't cross me.
Don't anger me.
And don't ever taunt me.

I am Wolf.

Todd has crossed me once.
His days are now limited.
His time with Linda is at its end. 

I will shadow his every move,
Haunt his nightmares,
And kill him in his sleep.

The winds will charge at my command.
Fires of hell will burn hot for me. 
Ocean waves will dance my every tune.

I am Wolf.

Come with me, my companions.
Todd will rue the day he was born.
We will attack once the sun has gone to sleep.

Once she has hidden her bright face.
A face too cheerful and hot.
A face soon to be forgotten.

For the night will rule the day.
And the moon will lead the way.
Nature must attack in the dark.

Let us dance in the moonlight.
Drink from the waves of the ocean.
And warm ourselves in the fires of hell.

I am Wolf. 

The battle will be won,
Death served on a platter for the white prince. 
Linda will soon be mine.

My cold fingers will run down her hot body.
She will wake to the sight of my glowing eyes.
She will experience passion not human.
And she will yearn for much more.

The dark prince will take her in his arms
And place her on his black steed.
They will ride off into the sunset,
Leaving memories of her old life far behind. 

Our games have just begun.




The First Three Chapters Podcast – Weekly Excerpts From Great Books That You Probably Haven’t...
Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of The First Three Chapters Podcast – Weekly...…/tftc18-dead-game-by…/id984955338…

     I had the best surprise today. A fellow author had asked me if I would allow him to read my book on his podcast. I said, "sure." Many people have offered promotions but most don't turn into anything. This time it turned out better than any of my expectations.

     I never listened to a podcast before, so I didn't know what to expect. I tuned in. A man with a melodic voice and an English accent was speaking. He introduced himself. When I heard "The Dead Game by Susanne Leist," I felt tears spring to my eyes. I was so proud and also embarrassed.

     There I was, sitting alone in my house, embarrassed about someone reading my book. It's been hard enough to find friends and family members willing to read it, but having someone read it out loud was mind-boggling for me. I closed my eyes and listened.

     I  became the reader, listening to the story for the first time. By the changing tone of his voice, I was able to tell that he understood the feelings behind the words. He got it! No one was home. I couldn't yell out that someone was reading my book. I was bubbling over inside.

     Not only was I able to see the story through someone's eyes, I was able to detect the strengths and weaknesses in my writing. It's one thing to read the story out loud to yourself, but it's a whole other experience to have someone read it to you. I'm sure this experience will help to make me into a better writer. Thank you, Beren Hollins: Author, Podcaster.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


The growling follows us outside
Down the rickety stairs to the beach.
Laughter mixes in the howling wind,
Hot breath swirling around our necks.

Shadows fly at us on gossamer wings,
Tracking out halting journey downward.
Darkness hides the beach below,
Sandy cushions awaiting our final fall.

I fly with the wind to land on pillows,
Shaking their pixie dust into my eyes.
I leave Mike and David on the stairs
As I race down the deserted walkway.

Moans mix with the laughing wind
As prayers for help fill my troubled mind.
Hope finally triumphs over despair,
Pushing me forward to my journey's end.

A shove has me thrown into the park,
Where a noose waits for my neck.
Hooded creatures circle the gazebo,
An appropriate place for my last stand.

Our games have just begun.


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