Thursday, December 24, 2015


14 - 1(6)

They were trapped in a house of horrors. Furry flying creatures and evil demons. What was next?
    The fire followed them into the room, bringing with it an intense heat. “Grilled humans,” screeched Natalie, “that should be a good snack for me.” She raised her arm and this time lifted Linda high up, above the raging fire. “I believe that this human should cook first, since she is Todd’s favorite treat.”
     The flying creatures continued to screech and dive down at them. One flew down low and caught Shana by her hair, lifting her up to the ceiling. She struggled with the furry demon, trying to free her hair from its deadly grip.
     Natalie said, “We now have two useless humans caught!”
     Sam called up to Shana. “Don’t worry! Just hold on tight! Once we vanquish her, the creatures will also be destroyed!”
     Shana continued to struggle against the creature. When she looked up at it, it glanced back down at her. She was shocked to see that while it had a human face, it also had a beak. But its body was the body of a huge bat. It kept staring at her, turning its head sideways—like a bird analyzing its prey.
     She pulled at her long hair trapped in its sharp talons. Its hooked claws were very sharp; she could feel their edges digging into her scalp. She was in a bad situation. She looked down at the strange scene being played out beneath her.

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