Sunday, December 27, 2015



They were huddled in the church, being attacked on all sides. Supernatural creatures were threatening to take over their town. How could they escape this last round of horrors?
    The whole building rumbled and shook. Oh no! Lightning hit the building. Mike watched the ceiling  crumble and bricks fall from the walls onto the ground. A strange sound hummed from the outside, becoming louder and louder. He could hear distinct flapping noises. The tall windows around the room abruptly shattered.
     Swarms of flying creatures crashed through the glass. They were circling above them. They were big, black, and furry. Oh, God! Mike shivered. They were bats. No, something was off about them. They were much too big to be bats.
     The creatures swooped down at them. They had human faces. Human faces on big furry bodies. It was as if the gates of hell had opened up and released the worst creatures into their world. They continued to fly down at them, over and over again, with their sharp claws extended, grabbing at them.
     “Run! I’ll vanquish her again!” the Father called out.
     Mike grimaced. We are all doomed if we have to rely on the Father and his unreliable spells.

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